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Database - Wikipedia

Other models include: Associative model Multidimensional model model Multivalue model Specialized models are optimized

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Trigonometric functions - Wikipedia

functions as multivalued functions. To define a inverse function, one must restrict the domain to

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Entity-Relationship Diagram Definition

Attribute Defines the Properties a Table Determinants and Their Role in a Database Database Relationships

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Information Technology Terms beginning with M - Techopedia

Allocation Multithreading Multitouch MultiValue Database Multivalued Field MVF Mumblehard Malware Munge Muni Wi-Fi or

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One-To-Many Relationships in a Database

Relationships Full al Dependency in Database Normalization Database Relationships Multivalued Dependency in Database

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The Basics of Database Normalization

Dependencies? Glossary of Common Database Terms Multivalued Dependency in Database Design Putting a Database in

superb.ook.ooo - search - Multivalue modeledit https://www.lifewire.com/database-normalization-basics-1019735

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Database model - Wikipedia

B Invoice Detail Table - one en per line In the multivalue model, we have

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